About Me

Current work

In 2016, I became a doctor in human computer interaction at the Department of Computer Science and Network (INFRES) at Telecom ParisTech, in VIA team. My thesis is a part of a big french project “CONNEXION” and is about Using augmented reality to help localization of object in multi-scale real world environment. I worked under the supervision of Eric LECOLINET and James EAGAN and in collaboration with several industrial partners EDF, ATOS.

Other Degrees

In 2010, i got my engineering degree in automatic at Polytechnic National school of Algiers (ENP).

In 2012, i spent two years to get my magister’s degree in automatic (postgraduate degree), at Polytechnic school of Algiers and University of Paris sud 11. During my magister’s project I was supervised by Pr Samir BOUAZIZ , were we have developed and implemented an autopilot for Unmanned Areal Vehicle (UAV).

Contact : gacem@enst.fr

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